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Tell us your story ... We'll do the rest!
Have you ever wanted to write a book about the experiences of your
life, your family’s memorable moments, or your ancestors whose genes you carry?

Well, now you can!


Our Story

Lifetime Stories is dedicated to helping families and individuals create one-of-a-kind books that preserve their memories and experiences for generations to come. Our team of writers and designers work closely with you to create a beautifully bound hardcover or soft cover book that captures your unique story and heritage.

We also have an extra service which includes creating your very own website to accompany your book in order to present your story to an even wider audience.  Perfect for those whose families include veterans, first responders, and the brave pioneers who blazed new trails to shape your family lineage to what it is today, extraordinary!

Our Services

We write special custom books for people who want their stories told. Whether describing a specific event, a memoir, or a lifetime story, we create unique one-of-a-kind books. A beautifully bound hardcover or soft cover book which is custom made for you and your family. You will also have the option of including your favorite photos, illustrations, memorabilia and documents that become part of your book. A book you will be proud to share with family and friends and future generations. Real-life stories that were meant to be written, honored and preserved....

At Lifetime Stories, We Make Families Legendary!

We also offer services for authors and families to create a website for your book and help you reach your readers online! Ask about our "Visibility Package" to learn more.

About the Author

My name is Michael Ruskin, author of the best-selling book THE VOW, A LOVE STORY AND THE HOLOCAUST. After writing my book I began thinking about what a thrill it would be for many of you to have a book written about you or your family. A history book. A book that could be a "keepsake" or published for a wider audience. I am excited to help you tell your story.

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"Thank you from an oldster. Everyone's story should be told, especially theirs. You are so wise."

Jan M.

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